Financial Institution Website Design

Our approach to website design and development

At Digital Intersection, we design all our websites for optimum usability and accessibility across all major browsers (current and prior releases). Our website design graphics are optimized for quick response times and incorporate responsive design for mobile devices, tablets, and other platforms, so your website always looks its best.

After talking to you and learning what your specific goals are, we develop a plan to achieve those goals. We will design your site to not only promote your brand, but to help build customer loyalty, which in turn helps build your business by increasing revenue. Our strategies and integrated marketing tactics are designed to consistently deliver a positive return on our clients'​ investment.

We will redesign your website and help promote your new site launch. We work together to leverage your new site to help grow your business by generating more traffic and more qualified leads, and drive revenue through search engine optimization.

We’ll take great care to ensure your website not only follows your brand standards, but also reflects your brand culture – what makes your company unique – and help you stand out from the rest! 

Digital Intersection helps clients develop a digital solution customized to fit your specific needs, to keep you competitive.

Design Services

Website design is more than pretty images. If a website doesn’t present a prospect with what they are looking for in the first few seconds, they are likely to leave. Current customers will get frustrated if they unable to get the answers they need quickly, which could lead to loss of business, too. We will develop your financial institution’s website to reflect your business needs. We’ll ensure a superior user experience, with pages that are easy to navigate and information that can be quickly located with minimal clicks. And, we’ll incorporate imagery that speaks to customers and potential customers alike.

Our website package includes:

  • Responsive design to ensure every user has a great experience regardless of the device they use
  • A well-defined conversion channel with simple forms, and clear calls-to-action to grab the attention of visitors and turn them into customers
  • A user-friendly Content Management System that you can use to make on-the-fly changes so your site always has the most up-to-date information
  • Easily accessible, engaging and relevant content – for existing customers and prospects
  • Google Analytics
  • ADA Compliance validation

User-friendly Content Management System (CMS)

Our Content Management System is built to be fast, efficient, and secure, which allows you to maintain a high level of productivity, so you can focus on .

Our CMS features:

  • Content Manager – Easily manage your content with new copy, new pages, etc.
  • Media – Manage and organize your digital assets in the CMS platform.
  • Forms – Create forms on the fly with the CMS Form Builder.
  • Users – Create and manage role-based users, to allow varying levels of content access within your organization.
  • Integration is Easy – Our preferred CMS allows problem-free integration with leading 3rd party plugins.
  • Audit Trail – All changes are logged.
  • SEO Management – Easily maintain site SEO content, such as Page Title; Meta keywords, and Meta description tags.
  • Google Maps – Create interactive Google maps to display all your branch and ATM locations.
  • CMS Training - before the launch of the site, we walk you through the CMS 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization generates brand awareness and drives quality traffic to your website. We analyze your site and develop an SEO campaign unique to your brand to help you achieve greater online visibility through your organic rankings, paid online advertisement, conversions and click-through rates.